Country-Pop Star Lexi Jordan Takes Us Back to the School Bleachers in Music Video For Latest Single “When We Were”

Lexi Jordan Latest Single
August 19th, 2022 (Nashville, TN): Country-pop star Lexi Jordan releases nostalgic music video for her latest single, “When We Were.”

The music video for Lexi Jordan’s latest single, “When We Were,” is a great visualization of a track centered around the past. Jordan is sitting on high school bleachers for the duration of the video, a clear thread to the song’s lyrics about being in school and not realizing how much you’d miss those carefree days of youth. 

Jordan’s expressions as she sings really serve to heighten the video’s impact and highlight the emotion that lies behind the lyrics. It’ll really make the listener nostalgic for the time spent in crowded hallways and dull classrooms, interspersed with moments of magic between friends and lovers. 

As we grow older, life hands us more responsibilities. Our worries extend beyond finding “Mr. Right” as Jordan says. With a sonically powerful, but soothing instrumental Jordan takes us back to our youth, reminding us of those careless summer nights. A reminder that keeps up grounded during the chaos of adult life. 

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