Darius Rucker Copes With Today’s World In “Same Beer Different Problem”

Darius Rucker Same Beer

On the heels of announcing his Riverfront Revival music festival in Charleston, SC, Darius Rucker has released his latest single “Same Beer Different Problem”. Curious to know if it’s that’s the same beer as his previous hit “Beers And Sunshine”! It has the same vibe as “Beers And Sunshine” with an easy vibe you’ll want to crack open a cold one to. “Same Beer Different Problem” tackles the chaos the world’s in. “The line ‘a little bit funny, a lotta bit strange’ really sums up the message of this song and all of the things that make you shake your head these days”, Darius notes.

“Same Beer Different Problem” is chock-full of witty quips and wisecracks. It’s a pure joy to listen to. It’s the pure Darius Rucker sound everyone’s familiar with. With a happy melody and jovial lyrics, you’ll fall in love with this song quick. And any song that can throw the word “libation” in it somewhere is definitely worth a listen!

It’s the same beer, different problem

Maybe this next round will solve ’em

Maybe the answer’s down at the bottom

Of a cool libation and some friendly conversation

Tonight with some brand new friends

Ain’t no doubt, we can figure it out again

Raise ’em up if you got ’em

Same beer, a different problem

“We had so much fun as songwriters coming up with all of those examples and putting a lighthearted spin on the craziness of the world,” Darius jokes. If you want something to help block out this nuttiness, stream “Same Beer Different Problem” below! Make sure to follow Darius Rucker on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for more updates.

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