DAVVN’s “Anybody Else?” Speaks To All Musicians

DAVVN's "Anybody Else?" Speaks To All Musicians

DAVVN’s “Anybody Else?” speaks to all musicians, but especially the rising artists and those just starting in the business.

With music inspirations stemming from Avril Lavigne and Fall Out Boy, there’s no wonder why the band hailing from Nashville produced a high-energy, catchy song. “Anybody Else?” is the second single release leading up to their debut EP in the fall.

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The song details about the struggles of adulthood, including being an upcoming artist that still has to work another job to make the bills. With guitar riffs and a melody that takes you back to the early 2000’s and covering topics about anxiety and burnout, this song is certainly one that is extremely relatable to any listener.

“Like most people our age we are hitting a little bit of a crisis as we find out how difficult adulthood can be,” The duo states. “I know personally for us it’s a lot from working two jobs – one 9 to 5 to pay the bills and then one trying to launch a music career. It can be really tough, but one of the coping mechanisms I have is nostalgia – it’s really comforting to revisit the past when it can feel like the future is uncertain. I wanted to express that feeling in a song and also to write something that felt like Michelle Branch – who was one of my absolute favorite artists when I was younger.”

The band, pronounced “Dawn,” hails from Nashville and Boston and have recently worked with Bowling For Soup after a viral TikTok video titled “2002” parodying “1985.” Every single and video released is all in anticipation to their debut EP this fall.

Check Out The “2002” TikTok Below!

@davvn.music Replying to @sunnyartsandstuff throwing it back to summer 2002 ??? when everything just felt ✨right✨ #bowlingforsoup1985 #2000sthrowback #bowlingforsoup ♬ 2002 – davvn.music

“We’ve been working on a collection of songs for an EP ever since we moved to Nashville in 2022 and we’re planning on releasing it this fall! Definitely more singles to come as well,” DAVVN exclaimed. “It’s been such a pleasure to write and record these songs with some amazing friends that we’ve met. We try to write as much as possible about whatever is on our mind on a given day, and bring in co-writers and our producer to help bring them to life and make them the best they can be.”

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