Did You Hear About Zach Bryan’s Show At The Red Rocks?

Zach Bryan Red Rocks

Zach Bryan put on one hell of a show on Thursday, November 3! He performed at the Red Rocks Ampitheatre in Morrison, Colorado. His ever-so dedicated fans sat through a blizzard to watch him perform. The Red Rocks looked absolutely stunning from every angle with snow billowing around. “Shooting from drunken hips here, but there are no words to describe how beautiful it is that people sat through two hours of a blizzard for me,” Zach Bryan said after the show. More words one day, but for now I just want everyone to know how wild this entire ride has been. I see you, I’m with you, and I love you.”

Before the show, he informed his fans of the forecast of heavy snow on the horizon. “Hey guys – tonight’s weather in Morrison, CO is touch & go at the moment, so we’re making a few changes to the schedule to ensure everyone’s safety,” Zach wrote. “We will also be provided free hand warmers and hot chocolate.” Nevertheless, Zach Bryan’s fans are as dedicated as they come. They showed up in droves, definitely a rabid fanbase in the best sense of the word! Zach put on an epic show, one of such rare quality that might not possibly be recreated.

Zach Bryan Is Moving On From The Red Rocks!

November 11 marks the end of Zach Bryan’s current tour. Ever the hard worker, Zach has plans to release a new album this coming February. If the grind he’s put out of recent is any indication, there’ll probably be 20 to 30 tracks coming fans’ way. He’s bound to strike with another smash on par with “Something In The Orange”! Check out the Zach Bryan tag on TikTok to see footage concert-goers took from the show. You will be in awe once you check it out! Follow Zach Bryan on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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