Dierks Bentley Teases Tenth Album With New Single “Gold”

Dierks Bentley Gold

Dierks Bentley kicks off the hype for his tenth album with the release of his latest single “Gold”. The track is the first preview of what’s to come on this new release. The pandemic gave Dierks a chance to rest, but now on the leadup to this new album, he’s ready to get back to doing what he loves. “2020 was a chance for me to give my guitar and the road a little rest. It gave me the chance to spend a lot more time adventuring outdoors with family and friends, but also alone. It also gave me time to reset and rekindle my love of Country music and a lot of the types of songs and sounds that I fell in love with when I first got to Nashville,” Dierks Bentley says of the rejuvenation period.

“Gold” is a rockin’ good time. If it’s any indicator of how good Dierks Bentley’s next album is going to be, then we’re really excited as to what’s coming down the pipeline. Dierks sings about finding strength when times get tough. It’s a reflective track that is a positive message for fans to lean on.

I got some rust on my Chevy but it’s ready to roll

I got a rhinestone sky and a song in my soul

It ain’t a smooth ride, life, it’s a winding road

Yeah, it might be gravel, but it feels like gold

The Future Is “Gold” For Dierks Bentley

“I think one of my goals is really … and I think ‘Gold’ speaks to that a little bit, is just being present and being excited about all of it,” Dierks says of the production process of album #10. There’s no date set in stone for the release of Dierks Bentley’s latest album, though he’s hinted at an early 2023 release. It seems like he’s looking forward to peppering in bits and pieces of what’s to appear on the album within the coming months. In the meantime, stream “Gold” below. Make sure to follow Dierks Bentley on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for more updates about this new project.

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