Dolly Parton Officially Elected To Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame!

Dolly Parton Hall Of Fame

It’s been quite the interesting ride, but Dolly Parton has been elected into the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame! It’s been quite a journey to this point. She was announced as a nominee for election on February 2nd. On March 14th, she bowed out of contention, citing that she didn’t feel she qualified enough as a rock artist for the nomination. She felt that she didn’t want to split the votes for those she felt were more deserving. The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame couldn’t accept this, as ballots were already sent out to voters.

On May 4th, it was revealed that Dolly Parton was officially elected to the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame. She joins Pat Benatar, Eminem, Lionel Richie, Carly Simon, and The Eurythmics in the Hall Of Fame class of 2022. “I never meant to cause trouble or stir up any controversy. It was just always my belief — and I think millions of other people out there too — always thought the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame was just set up for the greatest people in the rock ‘n’ roll business, and I just didn’t feel like I really measured up to that and I don’t want to take anything away from the people that have worked so hard,” Dolly says after her election. Her trademark humility is on full display here. She definitely worked hard for six decades, and she probably should have joined the Hall Of Fame earlier!

A huge congratulations are in store for Dolly Parton and all this year’s honorees. The induction ceremony takes place on November 5th. Meanwhile you should give Dolly Parton a follow on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!

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