Easton Corbin Shouts Out Artists Of The Past In “Hey Merle”

Easton Corbin Hey Merle

Easton Corbin released his latest single “Hey Merle” June 3. For anyone looking for a salute to the great artists of the past, this track is for you. This track starts off as a tribute to the late, great Merle Haggard. Easton Corbin notes several of Merle’s classic hits, like “Mama Tried” and “The Bottle Let Me Down”. 

Hey Merle, did your Mama cry on the day you left Muskogee

Hey Merle, did the other side of them Swinging Doors get lonely

Did you end up on the fighting side when The Bottle Let You Down

Did you ever think you leave this big a mark on a guitar town

The chorus of the song is a love letter to the legacy Merle Haggard left for the country music community. It also serves as a blanket thanks to how this music soldiers on from generation to generation. One couldn’t imagine the impact they’d leave behind, and this track is dedicated to making sure appreciation rings through.

Now the Cadillac and the cowboy hat and the high that you were on
Still covers us with neon dust cause the legends never gone

Yeah, you made em go ooo ooo ooo when you’d sing them songs
Did you think we’d all be here still singing along, singing along
Hey Merle

Easton Corbin also gives Hank Williams a shout out. Like he did for Merle in the first verse, he references some of Hank’s classics. Some classics mentioned include “Lost Highway” and “Lovesick Blues”. These mentions hit listeners right in the nostalgia bone.

Hey Hank, did you see the light at the end of that lost highway

Hey Hank, on the other side do you still get a little sideways

Nothing like a little hey good looking, to heal those lovesick blues

We’re still out here honky tonkin’ all because of you

Easton Corbin also included a re-release of his 2019 track “Somebody’s Gotta Be Country” with the drop of “Hey Merle” on June 3. Easton is currently working on his latest album due for release later this year. This will be his first album since 2015’s About To Get Real. Follow Easton Corbin on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for more updates on this new album. Stream “Hey Merle” and “Somebody’s Gotta Be Country” below.

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