Faith Schueler Shines and Persists On “Another Heartbreak”

Faith Schueler Another Heartbreak

Up and coming South Carolina native Faith Schueler released her latest single “Another Heartbreak” August 19. “I’m so happy to share my new song with y’all! Thank you Greg Bieck and everyone who helped this song come to life! Feeling so beyond blessed!” Faith Schueler writes on her social media accounts.

In “Another Heartbreak”, Faith Schueler tries to move on after a failed relationship. From feeling torn apart comes the feeling of wanting to grow stronger. By the end of the song, Faith Schueler shows she can persist in case another heartbreak comes around. The rattling drum machine combined with gentle strokes on the piano provides a dramatic backdrop to accompany the melody. It complements the forlorn feeling the lyrics portray. Her wishful vocals strengthen it even further.

Another, ‘nother heartbreak
Tearing me up
Another, ‘nother mistake
I think I’ve had enough
Rode into the sunset
Leaving my heart a mess
You left a Texaco
In a cloud of smoke
I guess I should’ve known
Another, ‘nother heartbreak
(‘nother heartbreak)
Another, ‘nother mistake

Faith Schueler released her first single “Who Holds Your Heart” in 2018, and released her first EP One Love Song At A Time in 2020. “Another Heartbreak” is Faith’s second single released this year, with “Nobody Told Me” released in April. Faith Schueler is very active on her social media accounts. Give her a follow on Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, and Twitter! Stream “Another Heartbreak” below.

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