Frank Ray Shows Fans Many Sides Of Himself On “Getcha Some”

Frank Ray Getcha Some

Frank Ray released his debut EP Getcha Some on August 12. The former police officer is of Mexican descent, and seeks to intertwine his heritage with his musical style to introduce Latin country to the masses. When talking about his motivation behind Getcha Some, Frank Ray says,  “I really wanted it to be representative of all of the facets of who I am—a family man, proud Hispanic, high-energy entertainer and a bit of a good time Charlie”.

Two songs already saw release last year. “Streetlights” has that dreamy Latin-influenced guitar and a chorus that flows seamlessly into Spanish towards the end of it. “Country’d Look Good On You” already has success on the country charts thanks to his smooth vocals and the charming lyrics paying tribute to a love interest.

New tracks on Getcha Some include “Y’all Showed Up”. It’s a perfect track for the end of summer as it captures the party vibe Frank Ray goes for. On the other end of the spectrum is an upbeat breakup track with “Somebody Else’s Whiskey”. “Late” values moving at a slow pace in relationship and emphasizes how it’s OK to take your time when your building the foundations of love. “Out On Me” bookends Getcha Some, dealing with the need to unleash energy.

“I wanted to create something that would make people smile. I can’t wait to share these songs with the world and soak in those moments with the crowd,” Frank Ray states about his intentions behind this EP. He definitely does have some magic in Getcha Some. It’s an excellent debut for an artist with a unique sound! Strream Getcha Some below. Follow Frank Ray on Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, and Twitter.

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