Garth Brooks Launches New Radio Station

Garth Brooks Launches New Radio Station

Garth Brooks launches a new radio station, the BIG 615, on June 15, 2023.

According to Brooks, there are more and more country songs that are increasing in popularity and not enough newer country artists that are not backed by a major record label. This Nashville based station is going to be able to be streamed from across the world for free.

“Terrestrial radio is an agenda to the labels. Works great. Worked great for me, right? But what happens on terrestrial radio is as long as the labels have you, then you’re on the radio. The second something happens and you’re not with that label, the career goes into some other stage,” Brooks stated at the press conference announcing the station. “Our thing is, I think there are some artists that outlive their label. One of them for me is George Strait. I want to hear the new stuff from George Strait. I want to hear [it] right next to Luke Combs. I want to hear the new stuff from The Chicks.”

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Historically, country music has long since been dominated by men, something that Brooks is looking to overcome and playing more women on his station. “The balance between guys and girls is fantastic. It is nothing to hear two females back to back on this channel. If there’s something we’re seriously missing in country music right now, it’s the number of females and those voices,” Brooks stated while on the station.

“The chance we have here with a global country station is to spread love,” Brooks said. “We can’t lose country music. We just can’t.” With Brooks launching this new station, he adds to his TuneIn network, including Brooks’ Sevens Network.

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Garth Brooks Launches New Radio Station

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