Garth Brooks Shares Name Of New Nashville Bar: Friends In Low Places

Garth Brooks Bar Friends In Low Places

Calling all friends in low places! Gossip about the new bar Garth Brooks plans on opening in Nashville has been buzzing for some time. Garth shared that his new bar will be called Friends In Low Places, after his smash hit. He purchased the building that once housed Paradise Park and Nashville Sports club in December 2021. “It’s a classic honky-tonk. It’s what I grew up in. It’s a bar along one wall, a bar along the other wall, and the rest is just space to dance or whatever you want to do,” Garth says in response to the concept. He wants to create a homey and welcoming atmosphere, likening it to the “Chik-fil-A of honky tonks”.

“Have any of my Friends in Low Places hanging out on Broadway seen this yet?!” asked Garth on his social media accounts regarding the front of the building. On his Twitter, he shared a time-lapse video of the signage going up in the storefront. It creates suspense as to what the inside will look like and anticipation for the bar’s opening. No opening date has been announced yet, but we’ll keep our ears open to when the announcement comes! Follow Garth Brooks on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for updates regarding his plans for Friends In Low Places!

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