Georgia Webster Releases Two-Punch Singles “I Hate Phone Calls (Long Distance Sucks)” And “Risk”

Georgia Webster I Hate Phone Calls

Teasing a “new chapter” to her fans, Georgia Webster dropped two new singles August 26, “I Hate Phone Calls (Long Distance Sucks” and “Risk”. She emerged during the lockdowns and gained major traction thanks to TikTok making her single “Tell Your Mom” go super viral. Georgia Webster uses her social media accounts to hype up these new releases. She’s shared notebooks and studio sessions, where she also features “Risk” duet partner Jonathan Hutcherson.

Georgia Webster – “I Hate Phone Calls (Long Distance Sucks”

“I Hate Phone Calls (Long Distance Sucks” tackles the loneliness that can entail when one is in such a situation. It pays homage to her home state of Massachusetts and her ventures to her burgeoning music career. Listeners will easily be able to hear the lament in Georgia Webster’s voice. It’s a gentle song filled with longing and yearning for her love to be closer to her.

‘Cause it’s eight hundred miles back to Massachusetts

And I never thought I’d have to put us through this

And maybe if I’d stayed it’d be easier to stay in love

‘Cause baby, long distance sucks

Don’t know how all these people do it

It’s barely been a week and I can’t even get through this

And if I hadn’t left then I wouldn’t wanna leave so much

‘Cause baby, long distance sucks

Georgia Webster & Jonathan Hutcherson – “Risk”

“Risk”, as mentioned earlier, features Jonathan Hutcherson, tackles the perils of love. Sure, it can be easy to fall in love. But it’s also easy for that love to end both abruptly and over time. The risk of being in love is that there’s a chance it will end. Georgia and Jonathan have perfect harmonies which emphasizes the potential of the bonds of love to break.

I guess it’s the risk that you take

That your heart’s gonna break when it’s over

And lately I’ve been wondering

If the hurt was worth getting to know ya

For all of our good times, I’m spending my nights

Crying alone in my bedroom

I guess it’s the risk that you take

When you love someone like I loved you

Stream “I Hate Phone Calls (Long Distance Sucks)” and “Risk” below! Georgia Webster is very engaging on her social media accounts. Follow her on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and that famous TikTok.

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