Halle Kearns Shows She’s Not Like “Every Girl”

Halle Kearns Every Girl

Missouri’s 2021 Female Vocalist Of The Year Halle Kearns released her new EP Every Girl on June 3. “Dreamed about, worked towards, and prayed over this album for over a year and a half. And it’s finally HERE”, wrote Halle on her Twitter upon the EP’s release. And her hard work is paying off! 

The versatility on this EP rings through each track. Anyone struggling with the feeling of having to rush through life relates with the opening track “Slow Down”. It’s an up-tempo track where Halle reflects on taking it easy and not letting other influences take hold of your thought process. “Nothing Left” exposes the vulnerability one faces in the throes of love. Those who feel forced to put a smile on their face find common ground in “Happy In This Bar”. The track copes with faking joy when one doesn’t feel up to it. In a poll she posted on her Twitter, fans responded that this track is the one they most connect with.

“Are You OK?” implores listeners to check up with those in their lives they have concern for. The unseen partner in this song appears to be going through a rough patch, and Halle Kearns gives this person some TLC. Halle sings about raising up the spirits of other women in the titular “Every Girl”. She sings about different facets of her life and how they shaped her to be the woman she is today. She uses these facets as a source of inspiration for other girls to know that they are strong and can get through any obstacles in life.

Stream Every Girl below. Make sure to follow Halle Kearns on her journey to stardom on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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