Hannah Ellis Praises The Power Of Country Music In “Country Can”

Hannah Ellis Country Can

Hannah Ellis sings a thanks to the powers of country music in her latest release “Country Can”. “Country music is a life force that connects generations across time and space. It celebrates the highest of highs, and is always there as a friend during the lowest of lows,” Hannah Ellis states in a press release. “Country Can” is a perfect track that demonstrates what country music means to Hannah. It easily resonates to anyone even vaguely interested in country music.

A love letter to country music needs the tender melody “Country Can” provides. From the party atmosphere to finding love and discovering heartbreak, country music has a wide breadth of stories behind it. Hannah Ellis’ gentle tone to her voice lends the perfect mouthpiece for a track about one’s passion for the genre.

Country can, country can
Get a cold one in my hand
Make these old boots wanna dance with somebody
Make my two lane, four wheels roll down a winding back road
Nothing turns my radio to gold like country can

Nothing makes you fall in love underneath back fourty stars
Nothing makes you wanna cry like a heart broke steel guitar
Nothing helps you find the words you wanna say when you can’t
Nothing gets you back home like country can

“Country Can” is appearing on several streaming playlists. From Spotify’s Next From Nashville playlist to Pandora’s New Country Now, Hannah Ellis will soon be everywhere! Stream “Country Can” below. Follow Hannah Ellis on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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