Ingrid Andress Releases Second Album “Good Person”

Ingrid Andress Good Person

The much anticipated second album of Ingrid Andress, Good Person, has finally arrived! The Grammy-nominated songstress had been honing and tweaking her vision for this album ever since lockdowns started. “I am very autobiographical,” Ingrid Andress says of her songwriting process. “I had time, and my life was changing. I started writing for this project maybe a week after Lady Like came out.”

Ingrid Andress has dropped a few hints in the form of singles as to what fans should expect on Good Person. The title track “Good Person” ponders what it means to actually define “goodness”. “Pain” dives into why it’s important to get hurt, since if you don’t know that feeling, you won’t be able to cope with it when it inevitably comes. “Blue” touches on the balance between the heat of romance and the chance for that heat to diminish. And don’t forget her smash single “Wishful Drinking”! Featuring Sam Hunt, it’s only available on streaming platforms.

Several new tracks grace Good Person. “No Choice” laments the need to move on from certain relationships, a very autobiographical retrospective Ingrid had on her own history. “Yearbook” shares the story of her parents drifting apart as time passed, noting in the lyrics that “the last day they were on the same page was in a yearbook”. “Things That Haven’t Happened Yet” tackles fears of the future until Ingrid comes to realize that it’s important to let those feelings go. “Falling For You” powerfully captures the feeling of steadily falling in love and how strong those feelings can be.

Ingrid Andress Goes From Good To Great!

Currently, Ingrid Andress is busy supporting Keith Urban on his Speed Of Now tour. For her future, she hopes she can provide music in other media. “I would love to find other creative ways to use my songwriting in other formats,” Ingrid says of her hopes for the future. Whatever she does, it will be excellent, just like Good Person. Stream Good Person below. Follow Ingrid Andress on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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