Is It All “Water Under The Bridge” for Sam Hunt?

Sam Hunt Water Under The Bridge

Sam Hunt has shared his latest single “Water Under The Bridge” recently. This new single is a new flavor of style for the crooner. He put a good amount of soul in to this track, along with a soulful piano and drum-machine combo to create a cool pop-country vibe. It’s a track about nostalgia and reflecting on how different experiences growing up shape you. And the focal point of the titular water under the bridge is, well, actual water under an actual bridge. “It’s a song that is literally about ‘Water Under The Bridge’ but it’s really about that little place that most small towns have,” Sam says. By using this landmark, the nostalgia factor grows stronger.

That muddy river, it was rollin’

We didn’t care where it was goin’

We had it made, we didn’t know it

We were young, dumb, and so full of it

Broken bottles and graffiti

Beer and girls and poppin’ wheelies

Love was fun and life was easy

Now it’s just water under the bridge

Sam has been just as busy at home as he is in the studio as of recent: he and his wife recently welcomed baby Lucy to their family!  It’s amazing how that little girl melted that all away overnight a couple of weeks ago. I’ve been filled with a lot of gratitude these past couple of weeks,” Sam said about becoming a father. He’s definitely got his hands full in the coming weeks! Stream “Water Under The Bridge” below. Follow Sam Hunt on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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