Jordan Davis Releases Anthem “What My World Spins Around”

Jordan Davis What My World

Jordan Davis has a knack for cranking out anthem after anthem. “What My World Spins Around” is no exception. It was made for summer. He noted that when he teased it in March. “I think it would be a great summer song. So, in order for it to be a summer song, I should probably release it,” he said

“What My World Spins Round” comprises of all the traits of a classic Jordan Davis song. He delivers smooth and powerful vocals. The buildup to the chorus has the power to enthuse fans. He lists off things in life he appreciates, like fishing, cold beer, and the windows down on a drive. The most important thing, though, is his love.

I can’t imagine me living without this

Back forty view on our piece of ground

Watching you watch the sun going down

That’s what my world spins around

Jordan Davis focuses his craft on music that can appeal to anyone. “It’s just wild to see it really grab… I mean, it grabs the whole audience and they want to sing along. I think that’s where I kind of look for, is when I’m teasing new songs out, playing them, which is always the first place we try new music, you look for the songs that they want to sing with,” Jordan says of his crafting process. Stream “What My World Spins Round” below! Follow Jordan Davis on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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