Jordan Fletcher Shares Debut Single “Death And Taxes”

Jordan Fletcher Death And Taxes

Jacksonville native Jordan Fletcher debuts on the radio with his single “Death And Taxes”! This debut is a coming of age story where he shares the lessons his father taught him growing up. “It’s about life, death, love, and family and feels like the perfect way to sum up this personal journal that ended up becoming an album,” Jordan says of this debut effort.

“Death And Taxes” has a very tender melody accompanied by the gentle vocals of Jordan Fletcher. His beautiful tone strengthens his message of heeding paternal advice. It’s a song he crafted specially for his own son as he imbues the advice he got from his own father over the years. Where he learns that sometimes life can get in the way, there’s always room in the comfort of love.

Death and taxes, the world moves fast and
Money and time, it don’t grow on trees
Make your bed and say your prayers
‘Cause life ain’t fair and it’s never gonna be
Chicks dig guitars, tattoos and scars
Trucks and cars don’t run on drinks
You can count on one hand the things you can count on
Death and taxes and your momma and me

“All of my songs are autobiographical. If I’m singing it, it’s got to be true. If you watched a childhood video of me on VHS, this is what you would see. I’m not making this s**t up or shying away from what I believe. I’m telling my story,” Jordan says of his style. Jordan already released the EP True Stories in January. He is doing a great job of showing the world who he is as a man, especially with the heartfelt story “Death And Taxes” provides. Watch the lyric video for “Death And Taxes” below. Follow Jordan Fletcher on Facebook and Instagram.

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