Joy Oladokun, Chris Stapleton Team Up On “Sweet Symphony”

Joy Oladokun Sweet Symphony

Joy Oladokun has had a busy 2022 so far, especially with the release of her latest single “Sweet Symphony”. A collaboration with Chris Stapleton, it’s her sixth release to date this year. “Sweet Symphony” is an impassioned love song that’s very pleasing and pleasant to the ears, heart and soul. “‘Sweet Symphony’ is a song I wrote about the love that I got to witness my parents share as a kid. It’s about the vulnerability, the fear, and the ups and downs that come from loving someone. Showing all of yourself so that someone else can accept and celebrate you is what it’s all about,” Joy Oladokun says about her inspiration for the song.

“Sweet Symphony” perfectly encapsulates what it means to fall in love. Its power rests in its mellow melody. Joy and Chris excellently harmonize when their voices meet towards the end of the song. “I’m excited to have Chris Stapleton on this song not only because he has one of the most iconic voices on the planet, but also, he’s just an incredible songwriter, artist, and instrumentalist. I feel very lucky and honored that he wanted to be part of this song,” Joy says about working with Chris. “Sweet Symphony” is pure comfort in musical form.

Loving you’s a sweet symphony

That all of heaven and earth join to sing

My heart trembles at the sound

Even if the world that we built falls at our feet

We’re still right where we’re supposed to be

Together through ups and the downs

Dungeons and ivory towers

Joy Oladokun has been everywhere recently, and deservedly so. From The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon to Austin City Limits, Joy is quickly accumulating praise and new fans, and you should be one of them too! Stream “Sweet Symphony” below. Follow Joy Oladokun on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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