Kacey Musgraves Shares Snapshots Of Japan Birthday Celebration

Kacey Musgraves Japan

Kacey Musgraves celebrated her birthday while on tour in Japan recently. Kacey’s 34th birthday was August 21, so during a little break between shows, she celebrated with her boyfriend Cole Shafer. She shared the festivities with her 2.4 million Instagram followers in a series of several posts to her story.

She started off by showing off a glamorous blue butterfly dress with blue lights strung into her hair. Next she shared her stroll down the streets of Osaka, showing off the restaurant she dined at. This restaurant appears to be some sort of Japanese-Thai fusion restaurant as signs in Thai hung throughout. She shared a photo of her drinking a cocktail from a Thai beer company; the cherry red drink she enjoyed was called a “rainbow surprise bucket”. Her snack of choice? Fried crickets! Cole joked, “I might not kiss you after this” as she and guitarist Benjamin Jaffee chowed down. Kacey didn’t seem fazed, comparing the crickets to chickpeas.

The next day, she shared her trip to Nara. She noted that Nara was the first capital of Japan. Deer flock to Nara every summer and were thought of as messengers to the gods centuries ago. Merchants sell crackers for visitors to feed to the deer. Apparently they are quite aggressive as one bit her on the behind! She then shared several photos of the many deer of Nara, including Cole petting one. She then shared a photo of Cole walking toward the Todai-Ji Temple, a Buddhist temple built in 752 AD, again flocked with deer. Kacey was able to get a photo with one of these deer in front of the temple!

Kacey Musgraves Pays Respect During Her Japan Trip

The temple visit was emotional for Kacey. “I definitely cried,” she captioned a photo, “Not only at the sheer visual beauty, and at the awe-striking dedication of peoples beliefs, but also out of deep gratitude for this existence and the places and perspectives I’m lucky to get to experience and for all the wonderful wells of love I have in my life. I don’t take any of it for granted.”

Next, she shared snaps and a video of her and Cole walking through the Fushimi Inari Shrine. This shrine is famous for its orange arches decorating a long trail. It’s definitely an idyllic scene that will give anyone wanderlust! Kacey’s time in Japan is coming to a close, as she’ll be back in the USA to perform at the VMA’s this weekend. Follow Kacey Musgraves on Instagram, Twitter, and her new TikTok to see if she posts more about her Japan trip!

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