Kat & Alex Celebrate Life And Landmarks With “We Bought A House”

Kat & Alex We Bought A House

Country music duo and married couple Kat & Alex released their latest single “We Bought A House” July 22. This track celebrates the hallmarks and milestones of love. It has a tender melody which emboldens the tenderness of occasions like buying a house. “We Bought A House” also celebrates knowing what’s right when the feeling of “right-ness” hits. They pay tribute to the love they share and the future they look forward to. It’s these small steps at a time that are worth commemorating.

We bought a house
On the street with a bar
Put a swing on the porch
And a dog in the yard
We’ll paint it white
We’ll string up lights
Everything’s gonna be alright

We ain’t got much
But it’ll do
‘Cause we got love
Big enough for two
No we ain’t growing up
We’re just kinda settling down
Yeah, we bought a house

Kat & Alex appeared on American Idol in 2020. Though they didn’t get too far in the competition, this exposure prompted a move to Nashville so they could pursue music as a career. Their partnership got even stronger the following year as they married!

Kat & Alex have a knack for intertwining their Latin heritage with their music. With Kat’s Cuban heritage and Alex’s Puerto Rican parentage, they put a much-needed twist in the country music scene. Stream “We Bought A House” below. Follow Kat & Alex on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok.

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