Kat & Alex Showcase Falling In Love With “Let’s Find A Bar”

Kat Alex Find A Bar

Duo Kat & Alex shared their latest release “Let’s Find A Bar” May 6th. The duo appeared on American Idol in 2020 and got married in Tennessee in 2021. Shortly after their wedding, they signed a deal with Sony Music Nashville. Now their bringing their unique style to new fans. With Kat’s Cuban heritage and Alex’s Puerto Rican heritage, the duo use their roots to weave together with country sounds to create their music. “It’s always exciting putting out new music,” the duo says of this latest release.

“Let’s Find A Bar” celebrates the intimacy of two lovers spending time together. “It’s simply a story about two people going out because their friends all ditched them. The night goes on with a little bit of dancing and sipping on something smooth and before they know it, the two are falling in love. We think so many people have felt this way before on a first date,” Kat & Alex say of the inspiration behind the song. Their smooth harmonies compliment the feeling of falling in love in such a situation. Their chemistry is palpable and their partnership works wonderfully. Check out the chorus:

Let’s find a bar, let’s find a song

That we can sing to all night long

Let’s find a drink that we can sink into

We’ll find ourselves in the middle of the room

Already know the nights go fast

I know where we can make ’em last

We ain’t gotta go out too far

I just wanna be where you are

Let’s find a bar

“We are also particularly excited about releasing the Spanish version of this song,” Kat & Alex say. They’ve released Spanish-language versions of previous releases, and we’re looking forward to hearing those! Awesome things are on the horizon for this duo. Make sure to stream “Let’s Find A Bar” below. Give Kat & Alex a follow on Facebook and Instagram.

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