Keith Urban Shines With New Single “Nightfalls”

Keith Urban Nightfalls

Keith Urban has himself a summer smash with his latest single “Nightfalls”! Released on April 1st, Keith Urban has managed to mash up genres to create such an energetic new track. This is his first new release since his 2020 album The Speed of Now Part 1.

“Nightfalls” came about due to Keith’s anticipation for rejuvenation following two summers of lockdowns and restrictions. “Two summers have gone by with no way to tour and the desire to have that feeling again inspired every part of this song and recording. In a world so full of real struggles and fractures, I wanna try and bring something to help us exhale and be in the moment – if only for 3 mins and 41 seconds,” he reflects.

It’s a fun and peppy song that evokes images of sunshine depsite, well, being called “Nightfalls”. With a vibrant cross between classic Keith Urban and 80’s-mimicing synth sounds, “Nightfalls” captures a vivacious melody. The lyrics craft a lively atmosphere, one filled with togetherness and joy.

We got lights, we got beer
We got everybody here
Take my hand, spin me ’round
All I need to know right now is are you
Livin’ it
Feelin’ it, comin’ alive
I can’t stop
Singin’ it
Bringin’ it
Leavin’ it all behind us
You and me
Are gonna be
Lovin’ each other
When the night falls

Keith Urban will be embarking on a world tour, The Speed Of Now World Tour, later this month. You can purchase tickets to any of his shows on his website. Check out “Nightfalls” below! And make sure to follow Keith on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to keep up with him (as well as his wife Nicole Kidman and their family)!

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