Kelsea Ballerini Continues Growing With “Subject To Change”

Kelsea Ballerini Subject To Change

It’s been quite the year for Kelsea Ballerini, to say the least. She’s gone through lots of ups and downs recently, but hopefully her fan’s positive reaction to her newest album Subject To Change will put a smile on her face. Change is a frequent theme that has come up in the life of Kelsea Ballerini, especially recently. She decided to make that a part of the theme of this new album. 

“I loved the idea of going, ‘Change is inevitable.’ And we’ve all as humankind experienced that heavily the last couple of years,” Kelsea Ballerini said when coming up with a concept for the album. “So what if I make the theme of this album the idea of just blissfully accepting that tomorrow is probably going to look different than today? And instead of being terrified and looking at it like it’s this monster under the bed, what if I just live now?”

Already seen release from Subject To Change is the track “Heartfirst”. An homage to the songs that launched her career, it’s more on the pop side of her style about the rush of falling in love without concern. “Love Is A Cowboy” romanticizes the heroes of Westerns. “What I Have” is Kelsea taking stock about what mattered in life thanks to being forced to reflect on it during the pandemic.

What’s New On Subject To Change

New tracks on Subject To Change include the autobiographical “Doin’ My Best”. Through its peppy melody, Kelsea shares that even though flaws pepper her life, she’ll still stick through the tough times. “Weather” twists her partner’s temperament to changing weather patterns and how she copes and tries to rein those in. “Marilyn” is an ode to Marilyn Monroe and her struggles and skeletons.

“Universe” is a gentle love ballad, comparing falling in love to the grandiosity of the universe. “Walk In The Park” has a folksy sound to it as a background to showing how complicated her emotions can feel. “Muscle Memory” is more bluesy, dealing with a love interest who, even though he’s predictable as a person, has her wrapped around his finger. Standing out is “Your Drunk, Go Home”, featuring Kelly Clarkson and Carly Pearce. The three put a loser in his place and is a fun, swingin’, danceable track.

“I am not so wrapped up in messing up anymore,” Kelsea says of the changes she’s been through in recent times. “I’ve done all of that. I know how it feels. I’m human. I can handle it. I’ll be OK.” Ultimately, that’s what Subject To Change is all about. Kelsea is focusing on being Kelsea, and that’s what her fans appreciate about her. Stream Subject To Change below. Follow Kelsea Ballerini on Facebook and Instagram.

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