Kelsey Waldon Traverses Life With “Sweet Little Girl”

Kelsey Waldon Sweet Little Girl

Ahead of the release of her album No Regular Dog, Kelsey Waldon shared “Sweet Little Girl”, her first single off the coming album. A native of rural Kentucky, she started learning guitar at age 13 as a way of coping with her parents’ divorce. Following high school, she moved to Nashville and started cutting her teeth wherever she could. Now, she’s making herself known here in town, and “Sweet Little Girl” is her way of sharing who she is.

“Sweet Little Girl” is not necessarily an autobiographical song. It’s a track for anyone who needs a way of expressing themselves as they find their way through the world. “It’s about the rage and unrest inside during a process to find healing. It’s simply just about a gal who is trying to find her way back ‘home.’,” Kelsey says about the inspiration behind the song. She hides innocence in the song while opening up to finding ways to stay grounded. “I’m gonna drink myself drunk / I’m gonna get myself high / Anything just to make the time pass by,” she sings. 

Sweet little girl, straight off the farm

Didn’t mean nobody, didn’t mean nobody any harm

Sweet little girl with her mama’s charm

Took everything she had to not put daddy’s money in her arm

I said nobody’s raisin’ you now, she said nobody ever did

So what’s it matter anyhow?

“If anyone’s struggling, I hope they can recognize the ‘No Regular Dog’ within themselves, and start to see how much they’re really worth,” Kelsey Waldon says about her upcoming release. She’s also about to embark on a nationwide tour later this year. Follow Kelsey Waldon on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for updates on her new album and tour! Stream “Sweet Little Girl” below.

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