Kimberly Kelly Throws It Back With “Summers Like That”

Kimberly Kelly Summers Like That

Kimberly Kelly has a new album in the works, and with that comes the first single off the album, “Summers Like That”. It’s a tender, reminiscent song that pays homage to music that shaped who she was growing up. She cites Deana Carter’s “Strawberry Wine” as a song that spoke strongly to her. Pam Tillis’ “Maybe It Was Memphis” was the theme song to her first kiss. Trisha Yearwood’s “Walkaway Joe” reminds her of her first breakup. The impact 90s country had on Kimberly resonates throughout the song.

I can still hear “Dust on the Bottle”
Sitting on the hood of an old
Two Model Mustang, sipping on Blooms
Catching my first buzz to a “Neon Moon”
I still get carried away
By the magic, by the moment
Never felt that way before
They don’t make summers like that no more

“Growing up, I focused more on the artist when I was listening to records, then learned that not every artist wrote their songs. I went through a phase of thinking I needed to write everything I sing. Maturity helped me realize sometimes the truest artist is one who can take what someone else wrote and elevate that story,” Kimberly says on the inspiration for the song. The effects of the music she mentions in the song build a story of nostalgia for anyone to relate to.

Kimberly Kelly and “Summers Like That” will take you back to a simpler time in an instant. Throw this on and memories of your youth will flood back. Give it a listen below! Follow Kimberly Kelly on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for updates on that new album!

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