Lainey Wilson Finds Fortitude In Her “Heart Like A Truck”

Lainey Wilson Heart Like A Truck

Lainey Wilson dropped her latest single “Heart Like A Truck” on May 20th. “Heart Like A Truck” is a tale of durability and toughness, owing to the metaphor she strings throughout the song comparing her vigor to that of trucks. “This is a song about finding freedom in strength, and not being afraid of your scars and bruises. A truck that has hit a few bumps and earned a few scratches has proved itself and its tenacity…the shiny one on the lot can’t say that,” Lainey posted on her Instagram.

The song paints vivid images of this truck Lainey sings about. She compares this truck to the journeys she’s taken throughout her life. Ultimately, the trek Lainey takes listeners on in this track will relate to anyone whose gone through rough patches. The next time you look at your old car, you can compare it to the ventures you’ve been on.

I got a heart like a truck
It’s been drug through the mud
Runs on dreams and gasoline
And that old highway holds the key

It’s gotta let foot down when it’s leavin’
Lord knows it’s taken a hell of a beatin’
A little bit of love is all that it’s needin’
But it’s good as it is tough
I got a heart like a truck

“I’ve been through some s**t. We all have. But when you get through it, you’re stronger and better for it on the other side. Nothing can hold me back from moving forward and finding a way to enjoy life, no matter what. I hope this song reminds y’all of that,” continues Lainey. Watch the music video for “Heart Like A Truck” below. Check out Lainey Wilson on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for more updates.

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