Lainey Wilson Brings Girl On Stage To Get A Pony

Lainey Wilson helps girl get a pony

Lainey Wilson brings girl on stage to get a pony in Saint Louis, Missouri this past weekend.

The little girl, who attended the concert with her father, held up a sign during the show that read: “Lainey, my Dad bet me a pony if I get to get on stage at my first ever country concert.” Even though a lot of people bring signs to a concert, this little girl was lucky enough to catch Wilson’s eye.

Wilson asked for the fans and then her crew members to pass the sign up to her, which she then read aloud for the stadium to hear.

“Let’s get her up here!” Wilson exclaimed, which then lead for the little girl to be brought up on stage. The girl, whose name is Finley, burst into tears the second Wilson picked her up.

Watch Lainey Wilson helping a girl get a pony below!

@wendyleighanderson This little girl’s dad bet her a pony if she got on stage with Lainey Wilson. So cute. This little girl gets a pony! ♥️?? #laineywilson #thisgirlgetsapony #lukecombs #lukecombsworldstour2023 #lukecombsworldtour #stlouis #buschstadium @laineywilsonmusic @Luke Combs ♬ original sound – Wendy Anderson

Wilson turned back to the father and stated that “She’s going to get a pony now. I hate to tell you, but you’ve got to get a pony tomorrow. Finley is getting a pony y’all!”

As somebody who personally knows just how expensive horses are and how much maintenance they require, I wish that girl good luck and hope she gets the pony of her dreams!

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Lainey Wilson Brings Girl On Stage To Get A Pony

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