Lainey Wilson Joins Cast Of “Yellowstone”

Lainey Wilson Yellowstone

Lainey Wilson is adding a new talent to her repertoire: acting! She announced that she joined the cast of Yellowstone for its fifth season. On her Instagram, she shared a photo of her by the set in Montana.

“We are in the process of [filming Yellowstone season 5] right now. It’s going great, and I’m surprising myself,” Lainey Wilson told Entertainment Weekly. She revealed that she was approached by series creator Taylor Sheridan regarding a role in the show with a character written with Lainey in mind. The show has used her music in the show in past seasons. Now she gets to be a part of the crazy ride that is the Paramount Network sensation Yellowstone.

Lainey will be at home on the set of Yellowstone: her character, Abby, is a musician. She’s been taking acting classes to prepare for the role, but we think she’ll be a natural. “I’ve been acting a fool my whole life, so this might be second nature!” she jokes.

Yellowstone season 5 is still in production, so a release date has yet to be announced. We do know that it’ll be released in two 7-episode sets. We look forward to seeing Lainey Wilson and her acting chops. She’s going to be great! In the meantime, stream her most recent release “Heart Like A Truck” below. Make sure to follow Lainey Wilson on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Hopefully she shares some behind-the-scene snaps from the set!

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