Lainey Wilson Sings Through Rainy Night Show

Lainey Wilson Performs During Rain Show

Lainey Wilson Sings Through Rainy Night Show

On Sunday, June 11, country star Lainey Wilson performed during the pouring rain at the South Carolina’s Carolina Country Music Fest. 

Wilson, who went viral earlier in the year at a concert, opened CMA Fest on June 8, and got a crowd that was deemed at capacity. Later on that same day, Wilson premiered the newly released “Thicc As Theives” with Lauren Alaina. 

Even after performing a full set on June 9 at Nissan Stadium for CMA Fest and joining Luke Combs in Kansas City, Wilson was still able to make it to Carolina Country Music Fest.

However, the set came with its difficulties. Most notably, halfway through Wilson’s set, the Carolina skies opened and poured into the crowd and singer below. The singer didn’t cancel her set though, much to the delight and surprise of the fans.

In fact, even after the rain prohibited her band from continuing playing, Wilson braved through the wind by holding her hat and sang an acapella version of two songs, “Heart Like A Truck” and “Wait In The Truck.”

Braving the harsh winds and hard rain, Wilson pushed through the difficulties and made her fans happy by continuing, as many took to social media to praise the artist. 

@jennydotson1 Lainey Wilson killed it last night even in the pooring rain!! #laineywilson #ccmf2023 ♬ original sound – Jenny Dotson

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Lainey Wilson Sings Through Rainy Night Show

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