Lainey Wilson, Stanley’s Beautiful “Watermelon Moonshine” Collab

Lainey Wilson and Stanley's Beautiful "Watermelon Moonshine" Collab

Lainey Wilson and Stanley’s Beautiful “Watermelon Moonshine” collab was announced on July 5, 2023 with a video from Wilson on her social media. This one of a kind cup is completely inspired by Wilson’s hit, “Watermelon Moonshine,” that reflects the colors.

The viral cup brand, Stanley, has done a few collaborations in the past, most notably with Target and Starbucks, and has now ventured into country music. There are usually multiple sizes to these cups, but it appears that Wilson’s will only have a 40 oz option.

Look at Lainey Wilson’s Announcement Post With Stanley Below!

With a bright lid and handle in two shades of green and a brownish-red base on the rest of the cup, Wilson aimed to capture the essence of the flavored moonshine. Not to mention, she did it all wearing her signature bellbottoms and hat, which can be seen in the video posted.

The cup will be able to order and released on July 11, 2023 on Stanley’s website.

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Lainey Wilson and Stanley’s Beautiful “Watermelon Moonshine” Collab

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