Lindsay James Bears Feelings Of Longing On “I Can’t Unlove You”

Lindsay James I Can't Unlove You

Houston native Lindsay James released her latest single “I Can’t Unlove You” August 19. “This song is for anyone who needs to leave something or someone in the rear view mirror. I hope it inspires you and gives you the courage to just GO – full speed ahead towards something bigger and better,” Lindsay James writes on her social media about what she wants fans to take away from the track. This track oozes a sense of longing. If you’ve ever broken up with someone whose memory lingers on a little too long, this song will definitely resonate with you. You can hear the palpable yearning in her voice throughout the track.

In “I Can’t Unlove You”, Lindsay James sings about trying to repress the memories of her former flame. From the physical things to pictures in her head of the past, every reminder brings pain, heartbreak, and a wish for the past to become the present again.

Damn, I can’t unlove you

Unlight that spark, unfeel your arms

Wrapped around me every night

Unsee the fire in your eyes

I can’t, some things I can’t undo

Unfeel your touch that I miss so much

Don’t you think if I could find a way tonight I’d want to?

But damn, I can’t unlove you

Lindsay James grew up in a musical family. Prior to her 2017 move to Nashville, she had been quietly honing her craft at home. Since her move, she’s been able to blend country, R&B, and soul melodies to make the Lindsay James sound stand out. And she definitely has if “I Can’t Unlove You” is any evidence! Stream “I Can’t Unlove You” below. Follow Lindsay James on Facebook, TikTok, and Instagram.

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