Luke Combs Grapples With “Tomorrow Me”

Luke Combs Tomorrow Me

After teasing it on his Instagram, Luke Combs released his latest single “Tomorrow Me” on Friday, April 22nd. He first teased it in 2020, and his fans went crazy for it. Finally, it has seen its release. “Tomorrow Me” is a part of a larger album project, which has a planned release date of June 24th.

“Tomorrow Me” tackles the subject of not being able to let go of an ex. Sad and pensive guitars combine with the regretful tone of Luke’s voice. He knows better than to go back to his ex, but he can’t help but seek that comfort. It’s a struggle about doing right and wrong.

Because tomorrow me ain’t gonna like the way things go tonight

If I let you in and think that it’ll be different this time

So maybe we should let yesterday be

Cause I gotta live with tomorrow me

Everything Luke Combs touches turns to gold. He’ll be busy with more than just an upcoming album project, though. Luke and his wife Nicole are expecting their first child this spring! Congratulations to the parents-to-be! Stream “Tomorrow Me” below. Make sure to follow Luke Combs on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for more updates (especially on his growing family)!

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