Luke Combs Sings “Fast Car” With Cancer Survivor

Luke Combs Sings "Fast Car" With Cancer Survivor

Luke Combs sings “Fast Car” with cancer survivor in Foxborough, Massachusetts on June 22, 2023.

A young boy named Cooper has been a huge fan of Combs for a long time, and when the country star caught wind of this, he decided to bring the young boy up on stage with him.

Once Cooper was on stage, the crowd could read his shirt, which read “Cooper’s Wish To Meet Luke Combs.” His favorite song of Combs’ was “Fast Car,” and after Luke dropped to one knee, the pair began to sing the hit song together.

Watch Cooper Singing “Fast Car” With Luke Combs Below!

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The crowd was entirely moved by this act, and when Combs stopped singing to give Cooper the spotlight, they cheered the boy along and encouraged him. All the while, Cooper seems to be shocked that this moment is even happening.

After the song ended, the crowd raised to their feet and even cried a bit, all the while chanting “Cooper! Cooper! Cooper!”

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Luke Combs Sings “Fast Car” With Cancer Survivor

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