Maddie & Tae Have Some “Spring Cleaning” To Do In Their Love Lives!

Maddie Tae Spring Cleaning

Maddie & Tae have released their latest single “Spring Cleaning” which is due to appear on their next album dropping next month. “It’s time to move on!! And we have a new song to help you take that first step,” Maddie & Tae both said in a promotional clip shared to their social media accounts. 

“Spring Cleaning” is a clever track about a guy who’s been sticking around a little too long for their liking. They’re ready to kick this fool to the curb. It’s a fun, playful song, and listeners will feel how much fun Maddie & Tae had when creating this amusing bop.

So I’ma say “thank you” and let you go
Guess I took a little note from Marie Kondo

Ooh, you’re takin’ up space
It’s time to tidy up and take you out my brain
Ooh, what do you see?
Cleanin’ out the closet looks good on me
It ain’t spring, but I’m cleanin’ house
It ain’t spring, but I’m cleanin’ out
It ain’t spring, but I’m cleanin’ house
So come and get your s**t out

Through The Madness Vol. 2 follows Vol. 1‘s January release. Already this year Maddie & Tae released another single appearing on Vol. 2, “Every Night Every Morning”. Through The Madness Vol. 2 drops September 23. During the lead-up to their new album’s release, they will be headlining the 17-date All Song No Static tour courtesy of CMT’s Next Women In Country with guests Sacha and Abbey Cone. In the meantime, stream “Spring Cleaning” below. Follow Maddie & Tae on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for more tidbits on their upcoming album!

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