Madeline Edwards Announces Debut Album After Releasing “Too Much Of A Good Thing”

Madeline Edwards Too Much Of A Good Thing

Before she releases her debut album Crashlanded, Madeline Edwards shares her latest single “Too Much Of A Good Thing”. Madeline Edwards revealed she got the inspiration to write this song after she found out she would be touring with Chris Stapleton. “I wrote with two incredible writers in Nashville – Ian Christian and Trannie Anderson, the day after I found out…this song is everything I have felt …and how grateful I feel for all of it,” Madeline says of the opportunity.

“Too Much Of A Good Thing” starts off with a set of what-if questions. Madeline contemplates the journeys one goes on in life and what happens when you don’t live life thinking about those what-ifs. Madeline has a gentle, warm, and soulful tone to her voice that pairs well with the tender piano melody. And check the runs she has in her vocals, they are impeccable!

Life don’t always work like that
And hearts don’t have to break
And God don’t give to take it back
And dreams don’t have to fade
You can fly too close to the sun
And never melt your wings
And you can’t have too much of a good thing

“I’m very excited for everyone to hear the stories, the musical influences, the time and the experience that has brought me to this moment. Crashlanded feels like my child,” Madeline says of the work she’s putting in to her new album. Crashlanded is set for a November 4 release. In the meantime, stream “Too Much Of A Good Thing” along with Madeline Edwards’ other recent releases appearing on the album below. Follow Madeline Edwards on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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