Man Arrested for Stealing Taylor Swift’s Speak Now TV

Man Arrested for Stealing Taylor Swift Album

Man Arrested for Stealing Taylor Swift’s Speak Now TV

As the release date for Speak Now (Taylor’s Version) creeps closer and closer, anticipation continues to grow significantly. Enough so, however, that a French temporary employee has stolen ten copies of the album from a warehouse and sold eight of them.

After selling a couple of the copies online, the man decided to up the price to fifty euros a piece. Not too long after selling the copies, a French human resources manager caught wind of the illegal distribution. They reported these transactions as well as the seller to the police, who eventually arrested the man at his house.

This is not the first time that Swift has had to deal with people stealing and selling her albums, as Scooter Braun bought and sold her complete masters a few years ago. Even still, as Swift details in many of her songs, rest assured that there is nothing Swift does Better Than Revenge.

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The man was sentenced to eight months in prison, one month for each of the albums the police were able to recover. French authorities have also stated that the man had previously been convicted twenty-four times in the past.

The rest of the world will have to wait until July 9 to hear the entirety of Swift’s new re-recording. Until then, we are Enchanted to marvel at Swift’s work.

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Man arrested for stealing Taylor Swift’s Speak Now TV

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