Maren Morris Embarks On A “Humble Quest”

Maren Morris Humble Quest

Three years after the release of smash album Girl, Maren Morris is back with her third album Humble Quest, released March 25th. Maren has been very busy in the meantime. Her and husband Ryan Hurd‘s son Hayes turned two years old two days prior to Humble Quest’s release. She’s been open about dealing with difficulties relating to post-partum depression. “I just think there’s not a stigma as much around talking about it and reaching out for help. It’s been such an amazing thing to know that I haven’t been alone in this, that other women have all been dealing with the same exact fears and anxieties,” Maren Morris tells People Magazine. Being in a better head space now, she’s more comfortable to release new music, and she’s been looking forward to sharing Humble Quest with the world.

Navigating Maren’s Humble Quest

The first single from this album, “Circles Around This Town”, dropped early January. She opens up about the struggles she’s faced in Nashville building her career. She cites her trials and tribulations trying to make a successful career, referencing her smash hits “80s Mercedes” and “My Church” in the bridge. “Couple hundred songs and the ones that finally worked / Was the one about a car and the one about a church,” she laments.

The album’s title track “Humble Quest” refers to her dedication speaking her truth and the struggles that come with it. “I was so nice ’til I woke up / I was polite ’til I spoke up” encompasses her dedication to activism that she has recently demonstrated. Additionally, “Tall Guys”, a cute touch on her height disparity with Ryan; he’s nearly a full foot taller! “Good Friends” is a sweet nod to platonic love.

Humble Quest concludes with the tender ballad “What Would This World Do?” Maren reflects on the passing of her producer and dear friend busbee in 2019. The song is special as the listener can use this song as their own grieving mechanism; it’s not too specific so one can tie it to their own experiences of loss. “What Would This World Do?” serves as an excellent closing track and will definitely lead to a few tears.

Third time is definitely a charm for Maren Morris! Stream Humble quest below! And make sure to follow her on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for updates!

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