Marie Wise-Hawkins’ “Island Time” Is An Incredible New Addition

Marie Wise-Hawkins' "Island Time" Is An Incredible New Addition

Marie Wise-Hawkins’ “Island Time” is an incredible new addition to the world of country music.

The song is reminiscent on not only some of the classic country hits such as Zac Brown’s “Knee Deep” and “Toes,” but also on the good times on the beach. This is the kind of song you’d want to play while you’re looking at clear blue water with a drink in hand, enjoying the fresh, salty air and bright sunshine.

Wise-Hawkins has been inspired by Jimmy Buffet during her career as a songwriter, which is clearly shown with “Island Time” and its fun, upbeat tone.

“Everyone can relate to wanting to escape the craziness of everyday life,” Marie stated to us in an exclusive interview. “Nothing makes you forget about everything like going out to sea. I love the no internet, no phone, it’s the best feeling to disconnect and take the nature of the ocean in, as well as remove the world’s weight for a while.”

Look at Marie’s “Island Time” Announcement Below!

This is the type of song that every country music fan has been waiting for this summer, and this is the kind of new artist that the genre has been waiting for. There’s a whole bunch more to look forward to with Marie Wise-Hawkins, and this is something that will keep us watching this artist for a long time coming.

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Marie Wise-Hawkins’ “Island Time” Is An Incredible New Addition

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