MaRynn Taylor Releases First EP “Something I Would Do”

MaRynn Taylor Something I Would Do

MaRynn Taylor has released her EP Something I Would Do as a culmination of the hard work she’s done cutting her teeth on the music scene. She showcased her talents at CMA Fest’s 60 Second Spotlight. She wasn’t old enough to participate at that point, but she got her face in front of Black River Entertainment’s executives, and that meeting has led to a burgeoning music career. MaRynn had several releases, and Something I Would Do is her first EP. “Someday I’ll release an album. But right now these songs are a little taste in who I am,” MaRynn writes on her Instagram.

Something I Would Do gets its name from a line in the lead track “Sounds Like Something”. MaRynn ruminates on how her love interest yearns for a girl who comes from a typical country song, which is a mold she thinks she can fit.

Sounds like you’re lookin’ for a shotgun
Midnight rider right beside you
Headlights, fireflies and back roads
A dashboard love story comin’ through the radio
Sounds like you’re ready for the rest of your life
Boy, if you’re waitin’ for a country girl from a country song
Doin’ country things ’til the break of dawn
To fall in love with you
Yeah, it sounds like something I would do

In a similar vein there’s “I Know A Girl”. She shows several reasons why she’s the perfect girl she’s alluding to for her love interest. “Every Single Summer” tells the tale of falling in love in the backdrop of an idyllic summer. The music video, released last week, also reflects this picturesque setting. “Boxes” reflects on how to compartmentalize memories when moving on to new ventures. “Slow Dance In Headlights” muses over her ideal way of spending time with her love in an intimate setting as opposed to crowded situations.

Stream Something I Would Do below! Make sure to follow MaRynn Taylor on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter as she shares her growing career.

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