Megan Moroney Shows The Vols Some Love On “Tennessee Orange”

Megan Moroney Tennessee Orange

Just in time for the college football season to begin, Megan Moroney dropped her latest single “Tennessee Orange” on September 2. “Tennessee Orange” is a cheeky song paying homage the the Bulldogs-Vols rivalry come the fall. In the track, Megan, a Georgia native, falls in love with a boy from Tennessee. She breaks the news to her parents. They fear the worst, knowing that she’s fallen for less-than-stellar guys in the past. But this one’s different. He’s the perfect gentleman. Well, perfect except for one massive flaw: he’s a Tennessee fan!

“I’m a Georgia girl, born and raised in Georgia. I went to UGA and then I moved to Nashville. I met a lot of Tennessee boys, a lot of Tennessee Vols, and I had a crush on one of them and I wrote a song about it,” Megan Moroney says on her influences on the song.

I met somebody and he’s got blue eyes

He opens the door and he don’t make me cry

He ain’t from where we’re from but he feels like home, yeah

He’s got me doing things I’ve never done

In Georgia they call it a sin

I’m wearing Tennessee Orange for him

“Tennessee Orange” is another playful song in the same vein as her earlier smash “Hair Salon”. There’s no doubt “Tennessee Orange” will go super viral on TikTok just as “Hair Salon” did! Stream “Tennessee Orange” below. Follow Megan Moroney on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter.

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