Michael Ray Drops New EP “Dive Bars + Broken Hearts”!

Michael Ray Dive Bars Broken Hearts

After spending time on the road last year, it’s about time for new music from Michael Ray! His latest EP Dive Bars + Broken Hearts dropped June 23. “I took some time to really think about what I wanted,” Michael Ray said about the time he took putting in to Dive Bars + Broken Hearts. “When you strip it all back, think about what really matters to you, you cut away a whole lot of reasons that should never drive your music.”

Dive Bars, Broken Hearts, And Six Sweet New Tunes From Michael Ray!

The titular track, “Dive Bars + Broken Hearts”, is a nice coming-of-age story. Michael sings about growing up and the struggles one faces alongs the way. “Don’t Give A Truck” has clever, eye-catching wordplay that listeners will automatically be drawn into. This track is bound to be the theme song for any free spirit searching for an anthem. “Hate This Song” is for the heartbroken, where Michael sings about how a breakup lingers everywhere he goes where he lives. Anyone who sees their ex anywhere around where they live definitely resonate with this one.

Never thought I’d hate this town
Never thought I’d think about gettin’ out
Never saw me feelin’ the way I do right now
Your goodbye painted every wall on Main Street
Back roads got paved with your memory
One step away from puttin’ that pedal down
Never thought I’d hate this town

Up next is “Get Her Back”. It tackles the trials he goes through to win back a former flame, trying hard not to play dirty. Meghan Patrick features on “Spirits And Demons”. Their voices blend together smooth as whiskey, singing about chasing away pain. Rounding out Dive Bars + Broken Hearts is “Workin’ On It”. It’s a self-improvement track, demonstrating the efforts he goes through to make himself a better man.

Six new songs, six different sounds, one awesome new EP! Fans have been excited for new music from Michael since he dropped his cover EP The Bootlegger Sessions last year. “There are pieces of me in all these songs,” says Michael. “It’s how I grew up, what I learned, how I became a man… and how I was raised to always try every day to be a better man.” Stream Dive Bars + Broken Hearts Below. Follow Michael Ray on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok.

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