Mickey Guyton Shares Her New Understanding Of Love In “How You Love Someone”

Mickey Guyton How You Love Someone

Mickey Guyton released her latest single “How You Love Someone” October 7. From first receiving this song, she loved it and was eager to share it with fans. “This song touched my heart in the best way,” Mickey Guyton says. “My dear friend Jessy Wilson sent this to me, and it literally brought tears to my eyes when I heard it. Since becoming a mother, love has taken on an even greater meaning, so this song really resonated with me. I’m so happy I got to record it and support songwriters in Nashville.”

The emotion Mickey Guyton pours out during “How You Love Someone” is palpable through every second. She has such a captivating voice and commanding presence easily felt through her music. The melody is real mellow and calming. “How You Love Someone” easily appeals to anyone and will make listeners fast fans of Mickey Guyton.

I wanna know how it sounds

When the words are coming out of your mouth

And your heart has finally figured it out

I wanna know how it feels

When you feel it and the feeling is real

If it’s a matchstick minute or forever burning like the sun

Baby, I wanna know how you love someone

What’s next on the pipeline for Mickey Guyton? She’ll be appearing on Sesame Street’s 53rd season premiere in November! That’ll be a treat for her on-year-old son Grayson! In the meantime, stream “How You Love Someone” below. Follow Mickey Guyton on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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