Midland, Jon Pardi Team Up On “Longneck Way To Go”

Midland Jon Pardi Longneck

Midland and Jon Pardi have joined forces on “Longneck Way To Go”! This track will appear on Midland’s latest album The Last Resort: Greetings From, due for a May 6th release. “Sometimes killin’ the pain is a team sport, so when we were listening to ‘Longneck Way To Go,’ we thought bringing in Jon Pardi would ramp up the drink-til-you-drop of it all, because he loves those drinking and heartbreak songs as much as we do,” Midland’s Cam Duddy said about the collaboration.

The song tackles the feeling one gets when drowning their sorrows following a break-up. It has a peppy tempo to it where you can imagine throwing quite a few drinks back under the guise of an upbeat sound. Take a look at the chorus, it encapsulates that forlorn feeling of heartbreak:

I got a long, longneck way to go
These heartbreak beers, they go down fast
But this gettin’ over you sure goin’ down slow
And it’s closin’ in on closin’ time
And I ain’t even close
I’ve got a long, longneck way to go

“This is the kind of country that not only honors the past but remembers that California kind of country I was raised on,” reflected Jon Pardi. Even though it’s about a touchy subject, this song will put anyone in the drinking mood. Stream “Longneck Way To Go” below! Make sure to follow Midland on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter on updates for their new album. Follow Jon Pardi on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter as well!

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