Midland Sends Fans Well-Wishes In “The Last Resort: Greetings From”

Midland Last Resort

Trio Midland have released their third studio album The Last Resort: Greetings From. Featuring five songs from last year’s The Last Resort EP, the seven songs added to this repertoire weave tales of heartache, joy, and lament. “I really feel like it’s our best, most mature-sounding record,” bassist and vocalist Cameron Duddy says about working on the album. The Last Resort: Greetings From features well-rounded subjects and influences from the Bakersfield sound. “The songs and the subjects are right there in the Midland lane, but I think we’re exploring different things here and there. I’m not sure if that’s coming across for the listener, but it certainly is for us. It feels like an evolution of sorts,” continues Cameron.

Each of the twelve songs on the album is a highlight. The titular “The Last Resort” is an escapist song. It’s message of remorse hides under breezy sounds and imagery of a scenic getaway. Another track of longing is “And Then Some”. It’s dreamy melody encapsulates the sensation of missing someone so much that getting over them can be quite hard. “Adios Cowboy” is a lover’s breakup letter to the man she’s leaving. Recently released is their partnership with Jon Pardi, “Longneck Way To Go”, all about drowning your sorrows.

It’s not all about love lost on The Last Resort: Greetings From. “King Of Saturday Night” is an immediate party anthem. It will pump fans up and make them feel like they’re invincible. “If I Lived Here” is about love, but expressed towards a bar that makes them feel at home. “Paycheck To Paycheck” pays homage to the vagabond lifestyle as an ode to independence.

Midland has a special connection with their fans, and they hope this latest release strengthens those bonds. “When you spend so much time on the road, you really do build this intimacy with these people that become your friends,” says lead singer and guitarist Mark Wystrach. If you out there are dedicated to Midland, give them follows on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter! Make sure to stream The Last Resort: Greetings From below.

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