Morgan Wallen’s Hefty Donation and Act Of Kindness in Chicago

Morgan Wallen Chicago

Morgan Wallen’s hefty donation and act of kindness in Chicago has been unveiled at Wrigley Field during his tour dates in the city.

The donation, a very hefty one consisting of $100k, was given by Wallen and his charity foundation, The Morgan Wallen Foundation. It was given to the Chicago Park District to help the revitalization of the Bessemer Park baseball field in South Chicago.

“We are pleased that the Morgan Wallen Foundation is working with the Chicago Park District to enhance our Diamond Project commitment to Bessemer Park to completely renovate a baseball diamond,” the deputy director of Cubs Charities, Keri Blackwell, states. “The goal of our Diamond Project is to help improve the quality, safety, and accessibility of playing fields across Chicago, and this donation will support a significant upgrade to the field for the benefit of South Chicago’s youth and families.”

Check Out Morgan Wallen Foundation’s Post Below!

Seeing as The Morgan Wallen Foundation is dedicated to serve all of Wallen’s interests of sports, music, and community, this donation comes to no surprise to fans. This is especially since Wallen’s own climb towards a professional baseball career was stopped due to an injury, so it’s no question as to why he chose to donate.

Along with giving this generous donation, Wallen also decided to give a 19-year-old cancer patient a surprise. The fan, Karlie Hey, is currently battling a rare cancer called Ewing Sarcoma in her spine, but nevertheless decided to go to Wallen’s show in Chicago.

Hey held up a sign stating:


Beat cancer X2

Picture w/ Morgan Wallen


During the middle of the show, Wallen stopped to make sure that Hey got her picture with him, which she then posted to social media.

Look at Hey’s Instagram Post With Morgan Wallen Below!

Overall, Morgan Wallen displayed a lot of generosity and kindness throughout his time in Chicago and it’s something the fan and Chicago will not forget anytime soon.

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Morgan Wallen’s Hefty Donation and Act Of Kindness in Chicago

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