Nikki Lane Recalls Her Past, Contemplates The Future With “Denim & Diamonds”

Nikki Lane Denim & Diamonds

Five years after the release of her third album Highway Queen, Nikki Lane returns to the music scene with the release of her latest album Denim & Diamonds. During that time, she’s been busy touring and collaborating with Lana Del Ray. She’s also kept busy with her clothing store, High Class Hillbilly. With Denim & Diamonds, this return to music for Nikki Lane is about finding inspiration from her past. “This record is about revisiting the past – taking note of how it got you to the present – and then blowing it a kiss as you barrel towards whatever the future holds,” she wrote on her social media accounts.

The title track is a punching Americana-rock twist. Nikki Lane holds stark in her independence, stating clearly that she knows how to make her own way.

I can do whatever I wanna
All by my lonesome

If that’s a problem well you can’t say s**t

Cause I’m going my way
Livin’ and dyin’

And I can buy my own damn denim and diamonds

Denim, Diamonds, and Life Lessons With Nikki Lane

“First High” highlights Nikki Lane’s goals of revisiting the past. In the track, a visit back home brings back memories of growing up. She noted the importance of home as she mentioned her family buried her grandfather shortly before the release of Denim & Diamonds. “Yesterday, my family laid my grandad to rest in South Carolina – with a bottle of Coca-Cola in his hand – in the tiny town that ‘First High’ is about,” wrote Nikki. She praised her family for helping inspire her on other tracks on Denim & Diamonds. She credits her family for giving her fortitude with “Born Tough”. “Faded” shows a feeling of loneliness, yearning for love.

There are plenty more lessons Denim & Diamonds has to offer. “Pass It Down” emphasizes how healthy it can be to gather ’round with those who make you feel at home when times get tough to pass around something stiff to drink and forget about life. Nikki sings about reveling in the simplicity of what she has in “Live/Love”. She encourages listeners to push through and hold strong in “Try Harder”. “Good Enough” shows how resilient being humble can be.

Stream Denim & Diamonds below. Follow Nikki Lane on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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