Pecos & The Rooftops Tease “New Era” With “Hurt No More”

Pecos & The Rooftops Hurt No More

Following the successes of their smashes “Last Night’s Lashes” and “This Damn Song”, Pecos & The Rooftops shared their latest single “Hurt No More” October 28. The release of “Hurt No More” follows a mysterious Tweet from the group’s twitter, teasing a “new era”. This “new era” could be the release of their much-anticipated next album. For now, Pecos & The Rooftops leave listeners with a taste of what could be to come.

Pecos & The Rooftops imbue country music with their unique twists and lead singer Pecos Hurley‘s gravelly vocal tones. With his smooth baritone voice, the sense of longing deepens. “Hurt No More” reflects on the good times had within a relationship and the attempts to cope with the end of that relationship.

Keep trying until it doesn’t hurt no more

Still see you crying walking out that door

I think I’m gonna need a little time to bleed

Keep trying to numb it ’til the rain don’t hurt no more

Pecos & The Rooftops are hard at work on their next album, Cabin Fever. It was originally due for a fall release, but the band has been busy touring alongside working on what’s going to be on the album. “We’re getting to get this album out, we actually worked on it the day before yesterday and we have one song left to record and then it’s just gotta get mixed and mastered,” says Pecos. “But that’s been a long process with how busy touring has been also… being able to get everyone together to record and s**t like that. So I think the next time we do an album we’re just gonna take a month off to get that s**t done.” Stream “Hurt No More” below. Follow Pecos & The Rooftops on TikTok, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram.

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