RaeLynn Shares Vision For Daughter’s Future In “Raisin’ Me A Country Girl”

RaeLynn Raisin' Me A Country Girl

RaeLynn dedicates her latest single “Raisin’ Me A Country Girl” to her one-year-old daughter Daisy. Her first child, RaeLynn lists out hopes and dreams for little Daisy’s future. She beams about bringing her into the world last September. “When she came out and they put her on my chest, I just started crying because I couldn’t believe that she was mine,” RaeLynn said after Daisy’s birth. “Daisy’s definitely going to have a little sass to her, that’s for sure. We’re already seeing that in her personality!”

“Raisin’ Me A Country Girl” has a lot of twang and heart RaeLynn hopes to impart on her daughter. “Growing up in Texas, I was always outside playing in the dirt, rocking a sundress with my dog and even a couple of goats,” she says. “The values expressed in this song were instilled in me at a very young age, and now I want to pass them on to my daughter. I love ‘Raisin’ Me A Country Girl’ because it celebrates being strong, and that’s what I want Daisy to be – a strong, sweet, tough girl who knows what matters most in life.”

‘Cause I’m raising me a country girl

Don’t be fooled by her golden curls

She’s sweet as sugar but tough as nails

Loving her daddy but giving boys hell

She didn’t fall far from the tree

Every day I see a little more me

Yeah I’m on my knees every night praying

And thanking God I’m raising me a country girl

Stream “Raisin’ Me A Country Girl” below. Follow RaeLynn (and baby Daisy!) on Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, and Instagram.

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