Raleigh Keegan To Release “A Tale Of 7 Cities” June 24th

Raleigh Keegan 7 Cities

Raleigh Keegan has announced that his third EP A Tale Of 7 Cities will be released on June 24th. This EP is a musical roadmap charted by Raleigh, with all eight tracks and the bonus track having inspiration from the cities they’re named after. So far, Raleigh has released three singles off the EP so far. The latest single off the EP, “How’s The View In New York City”, releases Friday, April 22nd.

Raleigh Keegan comes from an unconventional upbringing. Born in a penitentiary, he was adopted into a loving family in Ohio. He draws his inspiration for his music from this upbringing. He sings and writes with conviction and passion. That heart is evident in his latest release “How’s The View In New York City”. His bluesy and soulful tone pair well with the longing nature of the song. His love has relocated, and he shows that he still cares and pines for his former flame.

How’s the view in New York City?

Is it as pretty as they say?

Do those lights take your breath away?

Tell me, do you miss me

Like I miss you?

How’s the view in New York City

More Tales From Other Cities

Other singles from musical roadmap that is A Tale Of 7 Cities includes “New To Nashville”. He sings about moving to Nashville and starting out life anew. He also sings about dreaming and hustling to work for those dreams. “Send My Love To Lexington” is an ode to the memories of a life once lived in Lexington. The song evokes visions of the past that bring comfort upon remembrance. Raleigh’s voice has a tenderness yet such strength to it that it invigorates the listener. The clever method of weaving the songs on this EP together by tying them to different locations is an excellent touch.

Where else will Raleigh Keegan take listeners on this musical journey? Stay tuned for June 24th , when A Tale Of 7 Cities comes out! Stream “How’s The View In New York City” below. Check out Raleigh Keegan on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube as well as on his website.

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